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ClosetPro Help Videos:

Check out our series of videos to guide you through every step of the ClosetPro process.

Step 1
Step 2
Reach-in Closets
Step 3
Modifying Reach-ins
Step 4
Basic Pantry
Step 5
Basic Walk-In
Step 6
Irregular Shaped Closet
Step 7
Angled Wall Closet
Step 8
Slanted Ceailings
Step 9
Customizing Units
Step 10
Tops & Uppers
Step 11
Islands and Countertops
Step 12
Hutch w/Counter
Step 13
Fillers Dividers & Cubbies
Step 14
3D Crown & Base
Step 15
Step 16

Allmoxy Help Videos:

Check out our series of videos to guide you through the Allmoxy process.

Allmoxy Orientation & Navigation
1. Vertical Panels (general)
2. Vertical Panel (stagger)
3. Vertical Panel (partial drilling)
4. Vertical Panel (stacking)
5. Vertical Panel (partial notch)
6. Vertical Panel (partial divider)
7. Shelves
8. Entering Closet Drawers
9. Closet Doors
8. Entering Closet Drawers
11. Jewelry Drawers
1. Cabinet Job Set Up
2. Entering Cabinets
3. Fillers & Panels
More Videos
Shipping Methods
Remake Order
Door Ordering

Closet Installation Videos:

Have a look here at these great installation tip videos.


Provided below is information to help with closet and cabinet installation.

Assembly with Cam and Dowels

1. Press the cam into face board

2a. Either push dowel into edge hole or…

2b. Insert dowel into side panel

3. Assemble the panels

4.Tighten cam to lock dowel

Assemble with Closet Fitters


Non outrigger

Expanding housings and dowels provide a tight joint

Hinge Adjustment

Height adjustment with mounting plates models BARxR.
High adjustment is made without loosening any screws. The door can be moved vertically +- 2mm simply rotating the cam adjuster incorporated in this range of mounting plates

+2 mm, -2mm
Height adjustment by cam

Depth adjustment with DOMI snap-on mounting plates model BARXR.

Frontal adjustment is made without loosing any screws. The door can be moved frontally from -0.5 to +2.8 mm simply by rotating the cam adjuster in this range of mounting plates.

+2.8 mm, -0.5mm
Depth adjustment by cam

Side to side adjustment of the door with Series 200 and F hinges.

Please use #2 Pozidrive screwdriver for all screws.

An ingenious adjustment system allows the door to be moved laterally without changing the gap behind the door (the “L” value of 0.7 mm remains constant)

Compensating side adjustment. A patented system exclusive to all Salice 100, 200, F and B series hinges.

The Adjustment screw operates in conjunction with the inner leaf of the hinge arm. The door moves in one plane – parallel to carcase and without a gap developing between the door and the carcase.

No further adjustments are necessary. There is no gap to reduce.

Richelieu Undermount Slide Adjustments